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Reporter Causes Entire News Team To Hilariously Lose It After His NSFW Slip Of The Tongue

Reporter Causes Entire News Team To Hilariously Lose It After His NSFW Slip Of The Tongue
ABC Breakfast

An Australian sports reporter blushed with embarrassment after accidentally letting slip a NSFW word on the air, while his coworkers completely and totally lost their composure.

Tony Armstong, of Australia's ABC Breakfast, was, in most Australian manner, reviewing the Captain of the Australian Cricket team Tim Paine's most recent neck injury when a slip of the tongue caused hilarious chaos on set.

"To cricket news, and Tim Paine is set to undergo neck surgery but medical staff remain confident he will be fit for the Ashes," Armstrong began innocently.

But the cause of Paine's injury, a bulging disc, is to blame for the notorious slip that happened next:

"Paine has a bulging d**k that has been, bulging disc that has been - that's a funny one - causing him pain in his neck and left arm and the injury hasn't responded to treatment."

WHOOPS. The word should be disc. DISC. Not....the other one.

Funnily enough, this is not the first time this particular slip-up has happened.

In the USA, Steve Levy's segment on ESPN delivered a mild shock to viewers as he, too, referred to a sportsman's neck injury as a "bulging d**k" live on the air in 1995.

In Armstrong's case, luckily, his co-hosts laughed it off completely, with co-host Lisa Millar starting she was " just going to drink water" while fellow co-host Michael Rowland lightly mocked Armstrong.

"A bulging what? Disc?" -Rowland
"Disc, disc. I said disc," -Armstrong
"That's what I thought you said." -Rowland

This is why it's important to practice your material before you walk on stage--otherwise, you may inadvertently compliment someone's crotch area on Live TV and have to live down your co-hosts making fun of you forever.