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Australia Just Printed 46 Million Bank Notes With A Typo—Oops

Australia Just Printed 46 Million Bank Notes With A Typo—Oops
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Australia's central bank has taken responsibility for typos on 46 million banknotes after a radio station posted an image of the microscopic error on social media.

Triple M radio posted on Instagram a magnified photograph of a 50-dollar (£27) note showing the misspelling of “responsibility".

The word appears three times on the note and the third “i" is omitted every time.

The Reserve Bank of Australia said the spelling error will be corrected at the next print run later this year. The latest version of the notes was released in October.

Australia's hi-tech polymer notes are among the most difficult in the world to counterfeit due to their extraordinary level of detail, and the technology has been exported to other countries.

The 50-dollar note is known colloquially as a “pineapple" because of its yellow hues, and bears an image of the first woman elected to an Australian parliament, Edith Cowan.

The misspelling appears in an extract from her first speech to the Western Australia state parliament in 1921.

Some wondered if it wasn't intentional.

Why didn't someone suggest that to the Australian mint before they admitted the error?

People also wondered about to-day and emphasise. One is the accepted spelling from the time of Cowan's speech (to-day) and the second is American versus British English (emphasize versus emphasise).

Not everything is bad about the error though. Don't these things become collector's items?