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PHOTOS: Artist Renders Mashup of 'Stranger Things' & 'X-Men'

PHOTOS: Artist Renders Mashup of 'Stranger Things' & 'X-Men'

Stranger Things and X-Men have elements of similarities, particularly with some of the characters - which have been illustrated as a mashup by Artist BossLogic - in a spectacular photo series.

Both properties feature young adults with supernatural powers. Okay, so maybe not all the characters from Stranger Things possess abilities like Eleven. But what if Mike and his band of misfits - Dustin, Lucas, and Will - were all mutants like the characters in X-Men?

We won't have to wonder anymore. Australian artist BossLogic took all the characters from Stranger Things and assigned them with their X-Men counterparts in a series that is imaginative, explosive, and a whole lot of fun.

Two universes collide in an epic mashup, starring Mike as Cyclops, Eleven as Phoenix, Will as Iceman, Lucas as Bishop, Dustin as Beast, Nancy as Rogue, Steve as Gambit, Jonathan as Cannonball, Hopper as Sabretooth, Joyce as Mystique, and Sadie as Emma Frost.

First off, BossLogic was inspired by Elven's power of astral projection and her ability to access other dimensions. She reminded him of Phoenix, the mutant who was born with telepathic and telekinetic powers.

He sensed a connection between Mike and Cyclops, the mutant who can engage in combat with enemies by emitting powerful energy beams with his eyes. If looks could kill, his can.

Here is Dustin as Beast, the intelligent mutant with an ape-like agility and strength, characterized by oversized hands and feet.

Lucas is Bishop, who can absorb energy and release them as biokinetic blasts. He also possesses the power of knowing what present time he's in, even while in a deep sleep.

Mike is the Iceman, who can manipulate cold and water. Ice Cube gets a cool shout-out here.

Nancy goes Rogue, the mutant who can absorb and also remove memories, and even other mutants' superpowers, through physical contact.

Steve goes full Gambit here. What's his deal? Well, he's the mutant particularly skilled in throwing cards in combat.

Chief Hopper is the superhuman assassin, Sabretooth, characterized by his razor-sharp fangs and claws. He's also Wolverine's nemesis.

Jonathan is Cannonball. It's worth noting that actor Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan, will actually play the role of Cannonball as he's depicted here, for the upcoming feature: The New Mutants (2018).

Max is Emma Frost, who possesses telepathic abilities.

Last but certainly not least, Winona Ryder gets her turn. Joyce is the supervillain shapeshifter, Mystique.

Unfortunately, in case you were hoping, this will not be actualized into a movie. But then, stranger things have happened, right?

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