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TikToker Flabbergasted After Artificial Christmas Tree She Ordered From Kmart Is Nothing Like She Expected

TikToker Flabbergasted After Artificial Christmas Tree She Ordered From Kmart Is Nothing Like She Expected

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

TikTok user @lils.drum recently unveiled her Christmas tree for the year on TikTok and needless to say, the tree rivals that of Charlie Brown.

You can see the disappointment here:


@kmart australia you have some explaining to do

The Australian TikToker purchased her festive centerpiece which was advertised as a "6 ft Columbia Pine Christmas Tree."

Now, the tree in question was purchased for the suspiciously low amount of or $10 AU. The low dollar amount may explain why, when unboxed, she was not-so-pleasantly surprised by what awaited her inside.

The woman, named Lily, begins the TikTok by showing an image of the tree on the box which depicts a fully grown, healthy pine tree that would make any lumberjack's heart skip a beat. But upon unboxing and assembling it, it would appear that things were not as they appeared.

The TikTok then cuts to the actual tree and it certainly leaves something to be desired, to put it mildly.




The Australian, first-time tree purchaser was left rather speechless when the assembled tree looked rather drab and dreary. The only thing she had to say was “@Kmart Australia, you have some explaining to do.”

During a time of heightened stress due to holiday shopping and travel, the video provided a source of holiday-themed comedic relief and has since gone viral, having been viewed 3.3 million times, received 570,000 likes, and 3,000 comments.

Lily's tree debacle received a flurry of comments, many finding the whole ordeal wildly entertaining while others took it upon themselves to impart their Christmas tree wisdom with many commenting that she just simply had to "fluff it."





Hoping that tree just needed a "green thumb," Lily rose to the challenge by setting up the tree and doing her best to fluff it as directed by her fellow TikTokers. But, despite her best efforts, fluffing the tree did little to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

In a series of follow up videos, Lily can be seen with a reinvigorated sense of determination and the help of a friend to make the tree look less 'sad', as she had described the tree in her original video.

Since her video received such a flurry of activity, Lily posted a follow-up video with the text:

“When you post a *funny* video as a *joke* because it’s *funny* and somehow go viral and now have Kmart mums yelling at you through a phone screen.”

The droopy tree has been compared by many to the real tree that currently resides in Trafalgar Square in London.

The City of London has been gifted a Christmas tree each year since 1947 by the Norwegian government as a sign of the country's gratitude for Britain's aid in World War 2. It's a time honored tradition that includes the tree being felled in a special ceremony in Oslo every year which is attended by the Lord Mayor of Westminster, the British ambassador to Norway and the Mayor of Oslo, before being shipped to London by sea where it stands proudly for all to enjoy.

But this year...

Similar to Lily's tree, the Trafalgar Square tree has left people underwhelmed and more than a little confused. Some have described the 78ft tree as "flea-bitten" and "hungover" this year, with many wondering "where's the rest of it?"

Perhaps Lily's Kmart tree and the Square tree were both shipped from Norway.