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Arizona Man Arrested After Allegedly Faking His Own Kidnapping To Avoid Going To Work

Coolidge Police Department

A 19-year-old man in Arizona faked his own kidnapping because he wanted to get out of going to work.

According to The Hill, police responded around 5:25 p.m. on February 10 to reports of a man who appeared to be injured near tracks in Coolidge, which is located just outside of Phoenix.

Authorities said they found Brandon Soules on the ground near the Coolidge water tower with his hands tied behind his back and a purple bandana stuffed in his mouth.

He claimed two men kidnapped him, knocked him unconscious because his father had money, and drove him around before being left in the desert where he was found.

Soules was taken to the hospital but medical records revealed there was no indication of a concussion or head injuries.

After extensive investigating, Coolidge detectives concluded Soules had fabricated the story.

Officers confirmed:

"Evidence was discovered showing his story was fabricated and no kidnapping or assault occurred."

Soules was arrested on February 17 on suspicion of false reporting to police and later admitted to staging his kidnapping as an excuse to get out of work.

Social media users engaged in a collective face-to-palm.

The mockery of his unsuccessful ruse continued.

He was thought to have worked installing tires at a car shop called The Tire Factory, according to Indy 100.

It turns out the teen did manifest his wish to get out of work after all—permanently.

He is reportedly no longer employed by the car shop.