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Artist Imagines What Kids' Drawings Would Look Like In Real Life And The Results Are Both Hilarious And Terrifying

@thingsihavedrawn (Instagram)

Tom Curtis runs MediaCom Advertising UK. He's also a father of two who previously went viral for using photoshop to bring his sons' drawings to life.

Back in 2016, Tom and his oldest son, Dom, went viral with their Instagram @thingsihavedrawn.

Tom used his Photoshop skills from when he was Creative Director for MediaCom to turn Dom's doodles into more realistic images.

This was Dom's original inspiration piece.

This is Tom's recreation.

In an interview with Adobe, Tom was asked how the project was born. He said,

"I always loved Dom's drawings and thought it would be a cool thing to do. (It's since become a nice alternative to Minecraft and Wii). The original idea was to make all the drawings really creepy, but Dom kept drawing animals that were more happy than creepy. I think what we've achieved is a bit of both. We live near a zoo which provides a lot of inspiration."

Since their viral success nearly two years ago, the father-son duo has since included drawings of the youngest son, Alistair. However, @thingsihavedrawn has grown even more substantially and are now global.

They came out with a book. The book features the doodles of zoo animals by Dom and Alistair, with recreations by Tom, of course.

They also now make some drawings come even more to life animation.

Here are some of our favorites from Dom, Alistair, and Tom.

The boys' drawings even got used in a music video!

And to celebrate their 250th post, they decided to begin posting an alphabet of drawings, starting with A and B.

C, D, and E...

...and F and G.

They are currently looking for things they have drawn starting with 'J'.

The internet is in love with the Curtis family's creations.

What an amazing way to foster creativity in children!

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