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Apple Might Be Coming Out With A New Brown iPhone—And We Know What You're Thinking 💩

OZAN KOSE/AFP/Getty Images

Today we are all anxiously awaiting Apple's press conference where this year's newest technology will be unveiled. As always, the newest generation of iPhone is highly anticipated, but this year it looks like the company has chosen to release a very brave color choice.

It looks like the newest iPhone will most likely come in some shade of ...brown.

The phone's potential color was leaked by Ben Geskin, a concept designer who is notorious for leaking Apple's newest secrets.

Check out his post.

As you can see from his pictures, the new iPhone XR/XC's dual SIM Trays are to come in 5 different colors. The first two color choices are the typical Space Gray and Silver, There is also a red that has typically been reserved for Apple's partnerships with (RED), a new blue, and a ... brown?

Of course, Apple wouldn't simply call it brown. Geskin has decided they'll dub the color "taupe". He also shared a rendering of what the phone might look like by @AppleiDesigner.

The projection has caused an emotional constipation in consumers everywhere.

Others are wondering what kind of name Apple will come up with to convince buyers that a poop colored phone is for them.

But some people are actually excited that Apple might be venturing into earth tones.

Would you buy a brown iPhone?

H/T: Mashable, Twitter