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Anti-Vaxxer Brutally Schooled After Claiming Vaccines Are 'Child Abuse'

Anti-Vaxxer Brutally Schooled After Claiming Vaccines Are 'Child Abuse'

Parents who are against vaccinating their children, claiming it is a health risk when it has been proven otherwise, require a much-needed injection of reality.

Recent outbreaks of the measles are plaguing the U.S. with the number of cases increasing due to vaccine hesitancy, which the World Health Organization called one of the major global threats in 2019.

Redditor guimarba took to the MurderedByWord page and added to the ongoing debate surrounding vaccinations with an asinine conspiracy theory and was rightfully given a detailed wake up call.

This user declared that anti-vaxxers have "done the research," whatever that entailed and equated vaccinating children with child abuse.

"Parents who don't vaccinate have done the research. In reality, injecting children with toxic chemicals and heavy metals should be considered child abuse."


Class was immediately in session. One scholarly user schooled this ignorant vaxxi-naysayer with actual facts about the dangers of vaccine hesitancy.

"By toxic chemicals and heavy metals do you mean things like Ethylmercury, which is broken down and excreted from the body fairly quickly and which no scientific research has found links to harmful effects, including autism."
"Which by the way, is not used in vaccines since 1999 with the exception of influenza."
"Or MSG, also found only in the adenovirus and influenza vaccines, but that is also used heavily in the food industry and decades of research have shown that it is not harmful, with the exception of a minority of people that might suffer from minimal short-term reactions."


Trace amounts of aluminum is not damaging to your health, as we've come to find out in this lesson.

"Aluminium? Which is only harmful in extremely high amounts and with dysfunctional kidneys. Which by the way, any breast-fed infant will consume about 7ml of aluminium in their diet during the first six months of their lives – and it's also found in food, water and tonnes of other medicines we all use."

This should be a reassuring thought.

"When it comes to vaccines, the amount is so small it's not even noticeable in your bloodstream."


The lesson continued with a naturally recurring organic compound.

"Formaldehyde? Which is the way we make sure the viruses are actually inactive and the vaccine is clean of bacterial toxins so that people don't get sick from them."
"There is 50 to 70 times more formaldehyde present in an average newborn's body than in a single dose of vaccine."

In conclusion:

"There is no scientific evidence showing vaccines to be harmful to the vast majority of people. And yes, some people might have different allergies or side effects but no medication is 100 percent safe and accurate."
"Nonetheless, the positives outweigh the negatives by very far."


Users commented on the thread in favor of the scientific breakdown.

"Now that is some passion for science, I wouldn't be able to type anywhere near as much as that fellow in response to such ignorance. Well done!"

- WW_Returns

"I just more so feel bad for the kids who may grow up to do great things but instead their life is made much harder, not to mention older folks whose immune systems are beginning to break down and depend on the "community immunity" to avoid these diseases. Recently I saw a story about the son of an anti-vax mother getting his vaccines after learning himself the dangers of not having them, and his mother then moved to sue him for it, I'm unaware of how the case ended but I hope the mother didn't win on something so trivial."


"She's going to need a lot of essential oils and healing crystals for that one."


"I understand how this happened. Kids out on their own making real choice about their sources of information chose the internet. I think a $1000 dollar fine for parents who don't vaccinate is too low. I think the earth is round Climate change is real, Donnie The Chump is an Idiot."


"i would have liked to see what the antivaxxer had to say after that..."


The anti-vaxxer did not respond with a comment. Hopefully, the Redditor graduated with top honors and reversed a dangerous mentality.