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Amazon Driver Goes Viral For His Quick Thinking After Hiding Guy's Package Per His Wife's Request

Amazon Driver Goes Viral For His Quick Thinking After Hiding Guy's Package Per His Wife's Request

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

And apparently, a well placed phrase on a doormat is priceless.

A TikTok video is going viral after user @stephanielerin posted a video highlighting an Amazon delivery driver's quick thinking when delivering her packages.


Amazon has my back #greenscreenvideo

Since the video was posted on TikTok, the Amazon delivery driver in question has received all sorts of praise for his ability to understand "the assignment" and for his master improv performance when Stephanie's husband answered the door.




The entire exchange between the Amazon driver and husband was captured on camera thanks to a well placed Ring doorbell camera located by the front door of the home.

The start of the video shows the delivery driver conducting his "business as usual" as he rings the doorbell to notify the couple their package has been delivered. But, while waiting for someone to answer the door and retrieve the package, the driver noticed the comical doormat which read "Hide Packages From Husband."

In the name of quality customer service, the Amazon delivery man used quick thinking to artfully hide the package out of sight of Stephanie's husband. Moments after the package was successfully hidden, though, Stephanie's husband opened the door to greet the delivery driver.

Not wanting to disobey the clear instructions on the doormat, the delivery driver told the husband “No, I’m just uh, here to tell you about the gospel of Jesus Christ,” in response to the husband's inquiry as to whether they had a package.




@stephanielerin's TikTok joins a slew of videos making their rounds on the social media platform highlighting the package/delivery mayhem typical of the holiday season.

Other videos involving delivery drivers and their customers include a video of a FedEx driver which sparked a major debate as the video highlighted his post-Black Friday workload. In another clip, an Amazon driver earned praise after noticing an “unsafe” detail at a customer’s home and notified the family.

It seems the phrase "All in a day's work" has evolved to include 15 minutes of fame on social media.

By comparison to some of the other package delivery videos gaining traction online, @stephanielerin's is a breath of fresh air and truly wholesome content as we head into the height of the holiday season.




After watching the awkward but hysterical exchange back, courtesy of Ring, @stephanielerin had one thing to say about the Amazon driver.

She declared "He understood the assignment" and we couldn't agree more.