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Video Of Alabama Fans Shouting Racist, Homophobic Slurs At Black Texas Players Sparks Outrage

A viral video of angry Alabama football fans yelling at Texas players to 'go back to the projects, f*ggots!' after Texas' win sparked immediate backlash after it circulated on social media.

Screenshots of Texas players celebrating

Falling from No. 3 to the 10th spot on the AP Top 25 really brings out fans' true colors.

A video of Alabama football fans yelling racist and homophobic slurs at Black University of Texas football players following the Longhorns' 34-24 upset on Saturday has gone viral and sparked outrage among viewers.

In the video, Alabama fans can be heard screaming at the celebrating Texas players on the sidelines:

“You’re a f**king f*ggot, you guys are all f*ggots."
"Go back to the projects, f*ggots, go back to the projects. F*ggots. Go back to the projects.”

You can watch the video, below.

WARNING: NSFW language

Viewers of the viral clip expressed their disgust.

But, sadly, it appears that a change in the fans' etiquette is not in the foreseeable future.

The parents of Texas players were also victims of verbal and physical abuse by Alabama fans during the game.

Angie Wisner, mother of Freshman running back Trey Wisner, said:

“The fact my son down there and they saying go back to the projects really just saddens my heart that as his mother no matter how old he had to listen to that!”
“Love you Son! But the parents went through this all night! Beer cans thrown at us, water bottles, spit! Disgrace.”

Nick Moyle from the San Antonio News-Expressreported Alabama's statement regarding the slurs.

“We are disgusted by reports of vile language and inappropriate behavior Saturday night.”
“To be clear, we condemn this behavior and it will not be tolerated in our venues. It’s not representative of UA or our values."

The statement continued:

"We expect all attendees to act with class and respect towards others. Fans are strongly encouraged to report issues to our security resources on-site."
"Gameday and delayed reports are appropriately addressed and anyone found to be in violation of our rules and expectations will be promptly removed and may be banned from future events.”

Let's hope they make good on this statement.