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Adam Carolla Gets Shut Down By Celebrities After Mocking 'P*ssy's' For Believing Virus Is Deadly

Adam Carolla Gets Shut Down By Celebrities After Mocking 'P*ssy's' For Believing Virus Is Deadly
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/GettyImages

Comedian Adam Carolla is getting raked over the coals for his attempt at minimizing the impact of the virus that is responsible for the global health crisis.

On Tuesday, the radio personality and podcaster known for his eponymous The Adam Carolla Show, mocked those who trust medical experts and abide by the guidelines suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help flatten the curve as "p*ssy's" in a disparaging tweet.

The 56-year-old also erroneously suggested that only the "old or sick" are the sole victims of the virus.

Carolla's full rant read:

"Turns out the people dying from [the virus] are old or sick or both. How many of you p*ssy's got played?"
"And who's going to get played the next time."


The Huffington Post suggested that Carolla's tweet referred to President Donald Trump's misinterpretation of federal data in which he claimed the virus hardly killed anyone at all and only took the lives of those with preexisting conditions.

The CDC data shows that among the deaths determined to be linked to the virus, 6% of the death certificates listed the viral pathogen as the sole cause of death while 94% listed "additional conditions or causes"—some of which were chronic medical conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Many celebrities slammed Carolla for his misguided declaration by sharing their personal struggles and losses in dealing with infection.






Others slammed Carolla for his grammatical error.



This is not the first time Carolla invoked the same grammatical error and took aim at those trying to protect themselves from the virus.

On August 28, he said he was not "making fun of the virus" but was making fun of all the "p*ssy's who hide under the bed."

While the sick and the elderly are susceptible to complications and death from the virus, they are not the only demographics to have succumbed to the virus.

According to the CDC, 35,000 out of more than 170,000 U.S. deaths from the virus were under the age of 65.