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TikToker Rips Texas Gov. And GOP For 'Intentionally' Driving Up Inflation By Blocking Trade At The Border

TikToker Rips Texas Gov. And GOP For 'Intentionally' Driving Up Inflation By Blocking Trade At The Border
@paultx980/Twitter; Montinique Monroe/Getty Images

Paul, a Texas man who goes by the username @paultx980 on TikTok, went viral after he slammed Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott, accusing him of "intentionally" driving up inflation by blocking trade at the nation's southern border.

Abbott recently made headlines after he directed the Texas Department of Public Safety to step up truck inspections at ports of entry into Texas. According to Reuters, “commercial border crossings between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso slowed to a snail’s pace" after Abbott's order.

Abbott justified the order, saying it was prompted because of “cartels that smuggle illicit contraband and people across our southern border.”

These actions prompted Paul to declare Abbott and Republicans "are intentionally working to drive up inflation" as well as "intentionally working to cripple our supply chain.”

You can hear what he said in the video below.

Paul noted that Mexican truckers, who typically cross the border and drop their shipments at a depot where American truckers then take and transport to their respective destinations, have been adversely affected by Abbott's order, which has backed up shipping "for dozens and dozens and dozens of miles."

He added that these moves are being used for political capital by Republicans who want to drum up support for this year's midterm elections:

“They usually do about four a day. They can’t get one through. They can’t get one f*cking truck through."
"They’re backed up for f*cking miles."
“Why? They want to drive up inflation because they think it will help them in the fucking midterms. … They’re doing it on purpose to hurt you, your family, your wallet.”

Paul also directed criticisms at the national media outlets who he says have not sufficiently covered the situation and urged his viewers to follow local Texas media organizations in El Paso, Houston, and Laredo.

And he went even further, urging his viewers to reject Republican schemes and vote blue in this year's elections:

"Laredo is the largest land port in this country and they’ve got it backed up so f*cking far you can’t even see the end of the f*cking line."
"These are the sorriest motherfuckers in the world. Republicans are traitors. They don’t care who they hurt… just so they can get some power.”
“I’m telling you people, vote blue, vote blue in every election.”

Many of Paul's observations resonated with viewers and they offered their own criticisms of Abbott and his fellow Republicans.

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki slammed Abbott, saying that his "unnecessary and redundant inspections of trucks transiting ports of entry between Texas and Mexico are causing significant disruptions to the food and automobile supply chains."

Psaki added that Abbott's order has been responsible for "delaying manufacturing, impacting jobs, and raising prices for families in Texas and across the country."