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A Bizarre 'Falling Stars' Challenge Has Become Popular With Chinese Millennials Who Want To Flaunt Their Wealth

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A new challenge is making its way around the globe and this one doesn't desire a trace of humility.

The "Flaunt Your Wealth" challenge appears to have started in Russia and has now moved to China. Instead of eating Tide pods or burning themselves with deodorant, these privileged young people are posing in photographs made to look like they have tripped and spilled their material possessions.

The challenge is also referred to as "falling stars." It would seem the participants are mimicking a famous person tripping while paparazzi snap photos.

So far the west isn't getting into it.

People seem confused by the whole thing.

Maybe that is because American millennials aren't feeling the wealth.

But if you want to play this game in the U.S.A, we'll gladly unburden you of all that wealth.

Perhaps it is, just a select few.

Maybe the next challenge will be the, "lose your belongings in the ocean" challenge.

But we have a bad feeling about this.

Nothing would surprise us at this point.

H/T: Guardian. South China Morning Post