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Tiny 93-Year-Old Scottish Grandmother's Reassuring Message To Her Grandkids Is The Good Cry We Could All Use Right About Now

@islanne1/Twitter @SenverDammy

We are in the thick of a public health crisis last seen in the early 1900s.

The entire world is embroiled in a lockdown, the likes of which most of us have never seen in our lifetimes.

The mounting pressure of the times can be incredibly stressful, and sometimes we need reassurance.

Thankfully, Islanne's 93-year-old "wee granny" had just that message of reassurance.

The Scottish accent makes it all the more comforting, no?

"Hello everybody, I'm still here. I'll tell you I'm like a bad penny, there's no getting rid of me.
"I hope you're keeping well and doing what you're told. Keep to the rules and youse all be fine - it will all pass.
"Bye bye for now, I love you all—think about youse a lot."

The heartwarming message was intended for all of this woman's grandchildren.

We are all working to keep ourselves sane during social distancing, as well as keeping us and our loved ones healthy as the virus continues to spread throughout the world.

But luckily there are distractions and face time interactions online to keep us busy.

Can you imagine doing this in 1918 without that?

#WeeGranny is a beacon of hope. Thanks for sharing your gran with the world!

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