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90-Year-Old Japanese Grandmother Loves To Take Ridiculous Selfies—And We're Obsessed 😍

#GrannyGoals for REAL.

90-Year-Old Japanese Grandmother Loves To Take Ridiculous Selfies—And We're Obsessed 😍

Kimiko Nishimoto is possibly the coolest 90-year-old woman on the planet. Unlike her peers, she's decently tech savvy. Her ability to keep up with technological advances means she can share her sense of humor with the world using her photography. Kimiko's camera, sense of humor, and ability to use Instagram combine to create the perfect storm of awesome.

You may not have known you needed this account... but trust me... you do. Check out some of our favorite shots.


The birds! The birds!

What's That Smell?

Ya got a little something in your nose there, Grandma.

Go Granny Go!

Somebody cue up the Speed Racer theme!

So That's What Hogwarts Does For Easter...

Accio bunny ears!

Criminal Activities

You're not supposed to document when you murder people, Granny!

Criminal Activities: Round 2

Look how happy she is, you guys. We're cackling. That's the kind of joy most people never get in their lifetimes and apparently all it takes is just a little mid-afternoon kidnapping. It's like brunch for maniacs!


Here we see the rare Japanese Ladybunny in her natural environment.

Our Personal Favorite

We feel this picture on a personal level. Snacks to the face is literally everything we hope is happening when we're 90. Get your grub on, Granny? Ugh we so want to hang out with her...

Bonus Round

Not all of her work consists of wonderfully silly self-portraits. Kimiko is also a talented art photographer who loves to play with color and perspective.

Bonus Bonus Round

... and yeah, that sense of humor shines through even in that.

Kimiko is ten thousand percent #GrannyGoals!

H/T: Bored Panda, Instagram