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84-Year-Old Man Is Learning How To Do Wife's Makeup Before She Goes Blind--And Yes, We're Crying

84-Year-Old Man Is Learning How To Do Wife's Makeup Before She Goes Blind--And Yes, We're Crying
(Caters Clips/YouTube)

For your dose of the feels, here's an example of true love. Warning: you may need a touch-up afterwards for your teary eyes.

Mona Monahan is an 83-year-old woman from Waterford, Ireland, and she is suffering from a debilitating condition that will inevitably cause her to lose her sight.

Fortunately, her devoted husband of 56 years is making sure she looks and feels beautiful long after her she loses her ability to check herself in the mirror.

So Des, 84, is learning how to apply make-up for his wife.

"Mona's eye sight is deteriorating and she won't be able to do her make-up in the future so I thought the quicker I learnt the better," he told the Daily Mail.

Des has been taking make-up tutorials at their local Debenhams store since October under the supervision of make-up artist Rosie O'Driscoll.

Based on the footage courtesy of BBC News, it appears the senior pupil mastered the art of applying a whole look, including bronzer, lipstick, and eyeliner.

From the moment the loving couple met with O'Driscoll, Des was confident about the make-up technique from the start, telling her "That's easy, I can do that."

After asking Rosie to do her make-up when we visited the Benefit counter I just picked up the brushes and started asking how to do it. Rosie has been a great friend to us and we go in daily to see her and so I can get more tips.

Rosie O'Driscoll offers some helpful tips.(YouTube)

Mona noticed Des is perfectly comfortable with his newfound expertise.

Des uses eyeliners and lipsticks I wouldn't be able to use myself. I struggle to see the colours of different shades now but thanks to Des I now know my make-up will always look great.

For Des, taking cosmetology tutorials wasn't based solely on necessity, but out of his affection for Mona. And with his confidence, he has the potential of becoming a certified instructor.

It all started last October but I am now so confident with using make-up that I could even teach my own class.

He's perfected the art.(YouTube)

Through the lessons, O'Driscoll became quite close with the Monahan's, who consider her a close friend and invite her over for some tea.

They are such a lovely couple and Des loved learning how to help Mona from the very beginning. It was obvious Mona was losing her sight and he wanted to help her in any way he could. I know from being in the make-up industry that applying make-up each morning helps people with their confidence as well as it being something they enjoy.

She added Des has come a long way since struggling with a bit of a learning curve, but also commented on their wonderful friendship.

I'm thrilled that Des now has the confidence to start trialling new looks. When we first started he had no idea what brushes to use for each part of the face but now he's an expert.
We have such a laugh when they come onto the counter at Benefit but we are friends outside of Debenhams too.
Des and Mona's story shows that no matter your age or gender there is always new skills that can be learnt.

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