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Article Featuring 22-Year-Old Who Makes $25,000 A Month Has People Rethinking Their Life Choices 😱

Photo by Peter Dazeley via Getty Images, @bfishbfish/Twitter

And here we thought the best way to make extra cash was to hang around an ATM giving out free money.

Twitter is having a hard time relating to a young New York woman who earns over $300,000 a year running an eCommerce store designing handbags made in China.

Online journal Refinery29 is working to make the stigma of money a thing of the past by helping women get over the taboo of talking about wages and income.

In an effort to do this, they have created The Money Diaries where women keep track of everything they spend in a week in order to show others... well we're not sure what it's supposed to show others, except that we are totally jealous.

Like, petty level jealous.

Apparently Twitter isn't really feeling the connection to this weeks diarist either.

How is this even possible?

Twitter would rather hear a more realistic money diary.

Now that sounds more like it.

H/T: Refinery29, Twitter Moments