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A Gay Penguin Couple In Sydney Are About To Become Parents ❤️

A Gay Penguin Couple In Sydney Are About To Become Parents ❤️
Photo by David Tipling via Getty

In one of the most adorable stories to come along in a very long time, two penguins at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium have fallen in love, exchanged special rocks to prove their commitment and are now raising an egg. Oh, and they are both male.

Sphen and Magic, the two Gentoo penguins were given a foster egg to nurture and things are looking good. Each penguin is taking turns caring for the egg while his "husband" watches out for intruders. The world has fallen in love with these two guys.

Twitter Josh Butler

Twitter Josh Butler

Twitter Josh Butler

Not only do we get penguin love we got a little gay penguin history.

If you can take a gay penguin joke and spin it into a dig on Melania Trump, you officially win the internet.

With that settled, people got back to loving Sphen and Magic and meanwhile Sea Life Sydney Aquarium were on there best Twitter game.

Even penguins need relationships goals.

If we all start crying now well never survive the hatching.

It's all about inclusion.

Penguin love is the best love.

It's just so darn adorable.

They better send out birth announcements now that they have all of us holding our breath,

H/T: CBS News, Fox News