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Woman Sparks Heated Debate After Revealing Just How Rarely Her Friend Washes Her Bras

Woman Sparks Heated Debate After Revealing Just How Rarely Her Friend Washes Her Bras

Maybe how often a person washes their bras is Victoria's secret...

Our laundry schedules are personal, but one TikToker put hers out there in the open and sparked a major debate among viewers on the social media platform.

Comment how often you wash your bras 😅 #winteroutfit #askontiktok #brawash

TikTok user Desyr, known by her TikTok profile name, recently revealed in a viral video that her friend, who she chose to keep anonymous, washes her bras just once a year. Yep, you read that right. Desyr's friend will wear her bras throughout the year but wash them only once in that 365-day period.

Desyr called upon her followers to sound off in the comments about their own bra-washing habits. The responses were a mixed bag, with some people saying they wash theirs after one wearing, while others admitted that their own bra-washing schedules were very close to Desyr's friend's.




Shaken by what she learned, Desyr said in the video, "I'm now curious, like how often does everyone wash their bras? I need to know what the kind of standard is amongst women everywhere."

The TikTok video has nearly 200,000 views, received almost 1,000 comments, and approximately 4,000 likes.

The contents of the video ignited a heated debate among viewers. As requested, many users shared their bra washing schedules. Some said they wash their bras after one use. Others were stunned to find out bras had to be washed at all. Answers ranged from every 4-6 wears, once or twice a month, once a week, or whenever it smells.


In a follow-up TikTok, Desyr explained why she feels it's okay to wash bras on a less frequent basis—maybe not once a year, but she can see some TikTokers reasoning as to why a bra can and should be washed after 3-5 uses. Desyr explained that bras are expensive and washing them as frequently as other clothing items has the potential to damage the '£45' item.

Reply to @iiirisuu apparently you shouldn’t wash your bra every day 🤔🤔 #brawash

According to several lingerie companies, people can wash their bras however often they feel it's necessary. That said, companies recommend that bras be washed every one to two weeks.





The moral of the story here? To each their own.