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Woman Stunned After She's Told To Wait Outside Car Inspection Station Due To Her 'Inappropriate' Outfit

Woman Stunned After She's Told To Wait Outside Car Inspection Station Due To Her 'Inappropriate' Outfit

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for her series of videos about her experience at an auto garage.

Tia Wood was taking her car in to get a routine yearly inspection when she was given strange instructions by the female receptionist--that she had to wait outside.

Wood looked around and noticed that no one else was being asked to wait outside during their car inspection, and when she asked why she had to wait outside the receptionist's response shocked her.

She had been told to wait outside because her outfit, jean shorts, a short crop-top, and white sneakers, was deemed too 'inappropriate' to wear inside the business.

Wood complied and waited outside during the inspection, then walked around the back of the building to get her car, rather than in the waiting room with the other customers.

During this time, she filmed a TikTok about her predicament, showcasing the outfit she had on:


DIDNT KNOW GETTING UR CAR INSPECTED HAD A DRESS CODE!!!!!! 😍❤️‍🔥💞💯💯💯 #fyp #DontQuitYourDaydream #UltaSkinTok

The TikTok Wood filmed has since gone viral, gaining over one million views.

Wood's outfit, which in no way seemed out of the ordinary, paired with the garages overreaction, led to an explosion of comments about the situation:

Others, however, agreed that her outfit was not appropriate:

Wood has since uploaded other TikToks to update people on her situation.

Warning: The following video has language that is NSFW:


the time i was dress coded at the inspection starion

The second TikTok detailing Wood's saga included Wood mocking the incident, saying:

"What I'm about to show you is potentially very dangerous for the welfare of your car so make sure your vehicle is nowhere near your phone for the next like 10 seconds."

She then displays her outfit, before commenting:

"Oh, what's that? Your car is fine? Then why the f*ck was I kicked out of the inspection station?"

Wood has since said that the woman who forced her to wait outside make her feel like "a disgrace."

The final TikTok in the series, at least for now, shows Wood on the phone with the garage, asking about the apparent dress code they enforce.


Reply to @tiawould

The woman, speaking for the garage, was puzzled by the question and responded that the garage only asked that customers wear face masks to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus.

When Wood went on to explain that while she wasn't refused service, she wasn't allowed to wait inside of the building because of her outfit.

The woman seems confused and continues to ask about her experience.

She even said:

"I'm asking questions because this is the first time we've ever heard something like this."

The woman on the phone said that the situation was "very odd" and that neither her or her manager had never heard of this happening previously at their garage.

Wood filed a complaint but told the woman that she doesn't want the receptionist who forced her to wait outside fired, she just wants to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

The woman apologized to Wood for the incident, saying:

"I apologize for that because that is not how we do things. We don't have a certain dress code. Everyone's an adult."
"As long as you're not there naked. That's not something that we discriminate against so I'm sorry for your experience. I will get this to the right people and this will be addressed."

People following Wood's saga on TikTok have since commented about the way both Wood and the woman from the garage handled the issue:

Wood has continued battling TikTok users over whether her outfit was inappropriate for the business, but so far we have not received any updates on whether the garage has taken action or not.