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TikTok Mortified For Woman After Video Of Her Struggle With Gas Nozzle That Won't Turn Off Goes Viral

TikTok Mortified For Woman After Video Of Her Struggle With Gas Nozzle That Won't Turn Off Goes Viral

One woman's bank account is not going to like her after this one...

A video is going viral on TikTok after one user posted a video of a stranger's endeavor to fill her tank with gas went horribly awry.

The video has sparked major debate on the social media platform after several viewers criticized the TikToker for recording the incident but doing nothing to help the distressed woman.


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TikTok user @big_beardd is catching some serious heat after posting a video of a fellow gas station-goer struggling with a pump that was spewing a never-ending stream of gas out onto the ground.

This video is a far-cry from @big_beardd's typical, inspirational content and it generated an atypical response from viewers to match.





Since being posted on February 16, the TikTok has garnered nearly six million views, 147,000 likes, and 5,639 comments.

Many of the comments displayed a level of dismay and disappointment for @big_beardd's actions, or lack thereof in this situation and questioned the TikToker about why he would record the young woman's struggle rather than help her.




The seven-second video shows @big_beardd recording from the safety of his car as the woman continues to struggle with the gas pump, frantically searching for a way to turn it off or seek out help as a rendition of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On plays in the background.

Text overlaid on the video read:

"OMG somebody better save her but it ain't gonna be me 😳."

While a majority of the comments were quick to point out the TikToker should have helped the woman, others took an alternative route and decided to comment on the amount of money the woman was about to spend on all of that wasted gas, given the skyrocketing prices of the fossil fuel.




After this whole debacle, we're betting the young woman is seriously considering switching to an electric vehicle.