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Woman Goes Viral After Being Filmed Driving Her Mobility Scooter Through Severe Flood Waters

The scooter user braves the water (Stephanie Jubb/Facebook)

Footage of a person on a mobility scooter braving the severe flooding in the north of England has taken the internet by storm.

Filming from her workplace, Stephanie Jubb captured the moment the driver of the electric assistance vehicle plowed into deep water on a road in Woodseats, Sheffield.

Not something you see everyday at work Grace Cawthron 😂😂 Samantha Jubb
Posted by Stephanie Jubb on Thursday, November 7, 2019

Onlookers were left astonished by the sight.

“Not something you see everyday," Jubb wrote on Facebook when she shared the video on Thursday.

Meanwhile, in Matlock, Derbyshire, 25-year-old Beth Windle shared images of ducks perched on the arms of submerged benches and swimming up to nibble at bushes now within their reach at her local park.

“The flooding is the most severe that I've known it, in my 25 years living here," the illustrator told the PA news agency.

“The ducks were probably very happy now that they've gained a new height advantage."

In a later tweet she posted: “Update on the ducks…it's their home now."

In Lincoln, Chelsea Foster said she was “shocked" to see swans swim up to the wall at the bottom of her garden from an overflowing River Witham.

“I didn't realize how high the water actually was until I went out and there was a group of them right next to my wall, they were that close I could touch them," the 23-year-old told PA.

“Outside my wall we had a little island area where we could sit and feed the ducks, now you can't even see it."

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