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Woman Sparks Outrage After Destroying Flower Memorial For Teen Who Died In Car Crash

Woman Sparks Outrage After Destroying Flower Memorial For Teen Who Died In Car Crash

People are outraged by a new online video showing a UK woman dismantling a roadside tribute to a teenager who was killed in a car accident just a few weeks before.

According to Devon Live, the mournful shrine honored 18-year-old Vinnie Davis, who died in England's East Devon district on May 26 when the car he rode in slammed into a wall.

The woman who removed the flowers and cards, and threw them into a trash bin, was Brigitte Graham. A Devon resident, was a candidate in the Devon City Council elections in early May.

The city council race may be over, but Graham's recent actions have thrust her back into the spotlight for a very bad reason.

You can see why here:

Davis' family was appalled by Graham's actions. They called her both "callous" and "heartless."

People who saw the video online were disgusted as well.

"This is how she decides to spend her f'king time? I think this might be uncontrolled mental illness."

"Definitely not an excuse for this sh*tty behavior. It could also just be normal Karen entitlement." -- can_NOT_drive_SOUTH

"I hate Karen's like this I swear" -- bluebestcolorye

"Why do all the POS humans look the same." -- turbo5000c

"What a f'king miserable, joyless c*nt."

"I don't know how the bloke didn't just stand there and unleash a torrent of abuse."

"I think most people probably would." -- BlindManJesus

But Graham, upon discovering the widespread anger her actions prompted, attempted an explanation and apology:

"I shared the outpouring of grief that followed the shocking death that happened outside our homes on May 26. The flowers and messages left at the site expressed the communal sorrow experienced by myself and my neighbours."
"After three weeks the flowers were dead which gave the impression that somehow this tragedy had been forgotten. It has not been forgotten."
"I therefore removed the dead flowers, kept all the messages from friends and family and attached them to the pole so they can continue to be read. I did this because I cared. I can only apologise for any upset this has caused."

Davis' family, however, was not at all convinced by Graham's statement.

"Vinnie died two weeks tomorrow, not three weeks ago when he was alive and well, with us and not just in our hearts."
"Most of the flowers that we laid on Saturday, May 29, had their own source of water and were stood in boxes. You can clearly see that they are not dead."
"As for Brigitte's statement that we had 'forgotten the tragedy' that stole someone so special, we find this comment and the removal of flowers to be callous, vindictive and heartless."

And Redditors who saw the video were in complete agreement with the Davis family's skepticism.

"A classic Karen captured on film out in the wild and then 'shockingly' lies about her entitled behaviour." -- Independent-Daikon

"She tried to say she was removing the dead flowers. Bi*** no one believes that they just see a heartless bitch desecratiing a memorial for a dead teenager" -- CosterJunkie_1994

"She's only 'sorry' that she got caught & called out for it" -- er_jimbo

It looks like Graham may face some difficulties if she ever decides to run for council again.