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Woman Demands More Expensive Gift After Googling Price Of Secret-Santa Gift—And It Gets Worse From There

There are some unspoken rules of Secret Santa gift exchanges.

But maybe some people need them written down.

1. Don't try to figure out who your Secret Santa is before the exchange.

2. Don't look up how much your gift cost.

3. Be grateful for whatever you receive.

However, in this this story shared to the ChoosingBeggers subreddit, one woman breaks all of these rules. And some others as well!

The story starts with the poster's Secret Santa recipient messaging him to thank him for his gift.

However... ...she looked up the price of her gift and asks for more to reach the $50 spending limit.



To his credit, the poster is agreeable, offering her the difference in cash.

That's when things take a turn.


She asks him for a $120 tablet‽‽

She tries to justify it by claiming it's for her kids, but it's way over the $50 spending limit of which he already spent $30.

This goes on.


After trying to justify it by pointing out the salary difference between the two, she starts freaking out when he returns to his original offer of $20. She claims he should do it because he doesn't have children.

In the end, she gets nothing.


People couldn't believe it was real.

Others felt she should be grateful.

In the comments on the Reddit board, the original poster explained why he initially agreed to such a high limit, and why he offered the $20 initially.

Yeah I thought the $50 limit was a bit much as well. I just joined this company so I thought this would be a nice way to integrate myself socially. I guess I was wrong haha.


If you're planning a Secret Santa, here's hoping this story reminds you to be grateful for what you get.