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Woman Totally Creeped Out After Finding A 'Murder Room' In The House She Just Bought


In a viral TikTok video, @glowgoldie shared a creepy video of how her friend discovered a 'murder room' in their new home.

The video starts with @glowgoldie explaining the situation with text:

"My best friend and her boyfriend just bought a house and she sent me this on the first night."

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Then, we cut to what looks like a normal house tour video.

Her friend is showing the main bedroom where there's a window, a few wires coming out from under the carpet, and a radiator.

When she pans to the radiator, she finds a metal skeleton key, presumably for the door to the room.

Upon further investigation, the friend begins to put some pieces of this puzzle together:

"Does that not look like... what?"
"You can padlock the door from the outside."

In a moment of confusion, she pans the camera back to the room and says:

"This is the nursery."

The comments were definitely feeling the spooky vibes to this strange find, but also loving the reaction from this woman discovering it in real time.








Some people offered up possible explanations for the strange room.





Unfortunately, we haven't received any updates or backstories on the house, so we may never know.