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Woman Arrested After Leaving Threatening Note For Family Who Just Moved Into Her 'All White Neighborhood'

She later said she 'didn't think it was a big deal'.

Woman Arrested After Leaving Threatening Note For Family Who Just Moved Into Her 'All White Neighborhood'

Deborah Cantwell, a resident of Greentown, Indiana, was arrested on Thursday after attaching a threatening letter to the door of a house that a family with a biracial child just moved into. In addition to the threatening letter, the house had been covered in toilet paper. The reason for the vandalism and threats was outright racism.

The letter begins with racial slurs.

"NO ****** wanted in this neighborhood. THIS IS A WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD – some people find ******* stressful due to 33 years of NEGATIVE experience [sic] and it causes serious health issues."

She then said in a statement admitting that she wrote the letter...

"I mean, blacks get away with it every time. Just rage, I was trying to vent. I was just trying to let them know that they weren't really … welcome as far as us. I just needed to let off some steam … I'm not a violent person so I didn't think it was any big deal."

AJ+ released this photo of the complete letter with the racist slurs redacted.

The family had immediately suspected Cantwell because the incident took place after the seller of the home they just moved into told them Cantwell was opposed to their moving into the neighborhood. Cantwell now faces charges of intimidation and criminal mischief. The family targeted has since set up a fundraiser to pay for legal fees as well as install a fence and security system.

On the page the family states...

"I will forgive you one day, but for now you have instilled in all my heart, a fear I have never had before. You have instilled fear in my family, you have instilled fear [in] my children. This fear I have is crippling."

People placed the blame for the situation on an administration that encourages such behavior.

People vented about the things they found stressful.

And most were just upset by the brazen bigotry.

Hopefully this teaches her a lesson. Unfortunately, it probably won't.

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