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Woman Trolls 7th Grade Volleyball Team Members After Being Accidentally Added To Their Group Chat

miodrag ignjatovic/Getty Images, @enemytolover/Twitter

A lot of times, if you received a text message for the wrong person, you'd just inform the sender and the rest of your day would pass without incident.

But let's be honest:

Where's the fun in that?

When Twitter user Not Gwen, aka @enemytolover, received texts for a group chat, it would have been easy enough to dismiss them. However, she quickly decided to make it a way more interesting situation.

Whoever Gwen is, she's going to have a lot of explaining to do.

'Not Gwen' was added to a group chat of a 7th grade volleyball team. The players didn't realize their mistake for a little while, as Not Gwen requested an XXL hoodie in Gwen's name.

She followed up by changing the name of the group chat to "soccer is better".





Look it happens.

You sometimes send the wrong text to someone and they mess with you. Things could be worse.

It didn't take long for Not Gwen to be blocked, but obviously the girls didn't mark that she was, in fact, Not Gwen.

Which allowed Not Gwen to create a new group chat and start the shenanigans all over again.

If you couldn't tell by her profile pic, Not Gwen is a Taylor Swift fan.


The volleyball players have other problems outside of a rando invading their texts. They have to deal with the arbitrary rules of the 8th grade team.

But I mean, that problem can also be enhanced with a rando invading their texts, so why not?



It was a fun ride, so it was time for Not Gwen to come clean.

Unfortunately, the girls' volleyball team wasn't having it.

I mean, she really tried to explain she wasn't Gwen, but how do you argue with that logic?



What did it take to finally prove herself?

She had to facetime several members of the team.

At the very least, the unnamed girls are kinda famous.



It was fun, but all good things must come to an end. We're sure to get more text pranks in the future, but this is where things end for now.

Luckily this is not where things end for now. As useful as text messaging is, the fact that it lacks face-to-face confirmation makes it rife for pranks.

You can do things like end your very important relationship with a complete stranger, or trick your dad into thinking you put olive oil into your car.

I don't know why you'd do that, but it is pretty funny.

But Gwen reminds us a bit... The film Mean Girls is available here.