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'Egg Boy' Will Connolly Donates The Nearly $100,000 Raised For His Legal Bills

Will Connolly, right, splatted an egg on the head of Queensland senator Fraser Anning (AP Viral)

An Australian teenager dubbed “egg boy" after he threw an egg at a senator for his remarks about the Christchurch massacre has donated almost 100,000 Australian dollars (£55,000) to survivors.

Will Connolly, 17, rose to fame after he was captured splatting an egg on Queensland Senator Fraser Anning, who wrongfully blamed the March attack on Muslim immigration. Fifty one people were killed in the attack.

As police investigated the incident, supporters of Connolly raised thousands through GoFundMe to pay for his legal fees. A law firm even volunteered to handle the case for free, though Connolly was not charged. The Melbourne teenager announced on Instagram on Wednesday that he had donated the money to two support groups for people affected by the shootings, the Christchurch Foundation and Victim Support.

“Finally!!! After a huge amount of red tape, $99,922.36 has today been transferred to the Christchurch Foundation and Victim Support," Connolly posted. “I decided to donate all monies to help provide some relief to the victims of the massacre… it wasn't mine to keep. To the victims of the tragedy, I whole-heartedly hope that this can bring some relief to you… Keep spreading the love."

Victim Support confirmed it had received a portion of Connolly's fund, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

Police issued an official caution to Connolly over the incident, which occurred at a political rally in Melbourne. Police also investigated Senator Anning, who struck the teen twice after being egged. And found he had acted in self-defense.

Anning, who had sat in Australia's Senate as an independent after quitting the One Nation party in 2018, was voted out in the country's May general election.

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