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There's A Big, Cringeworthy Surge In The Number Of Americans Googling 'What Is India?' Amid Trump's Visit

With President Trump visiting India, Google Trends have revealed a common question is on a lot of American's minds:

"What is India?"

Searches for this heartbreakingly dumb question spiked pretty noticeably as Trump took his trip to the south-Asian country, along with the slightly more understandable:

"Where is India?"

Google keeps track of search rates and releases them at Google Trends, revealing a pretty clear spike in "Where is India?" as Trump made his visit.

The charts also make clear that New Jersey had the most confusion on the issue.

Google Trends

Google Trends

But perhaps the most shocking bit of ignorance was the huge number of people who started searching "WHAT is India" shortly after Trump departed.

Google Trends

And, sadly, New Jersey was once again at the top of list.

Google Trends

Twitter tried to muster up some surprise over the news.

Hopefully people found the answers they were searching for online.

America is, shockingly, not the only country in our giant world.

There are many disappointed teachers out there today.

Can't we try a little bit harder next time, America?

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