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People Are Sharing Videos Of Some Of The Hilariously Bizarre Things Their Dogs Do

Thank goodness dogs are so precious because sometimes they can be absolute freaks.

Twitter user @CodyMcDaddy started a thread on Twitter asking for footage of dogs being weird. Twitter has never been more happy to oblige:

Turns out people's dogs do a LOT of weird stuff.

Seriously, dogs, calm down!

If no one else will chew on your foot, I guess you have to do it yourself?

Every dog plays in their own unique, deeply strange, way.

Canines can be pretty creative when they want attention...

Are some dogs more weird than others? Maybe.

But even the weirdest dog is still a very good girl or boy!

That is, unless they're breaking the rules.

These dogs all deserve a treat! They're living their best lives and not caring who sees. Good for them, peanut butter all around!