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A Debate About Washing Your Legs In The Shower Has Sparked Some Very Strong Reactions From Both Sides

If you're curious about something, Twitter is a good place to ask a question and get an answer. But be careful. Sometimes you get more than you bargained for.

With no idea the firestorm he was starting, Conor Arpwel went on Twitter and asked an important question:

"Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?"

Arpwel most likely thought the question was an easy one...but to many Twitter users, it was a hill they were determined to die on.

Many people thought washing one's legs was a waste of time, considering they're kept clean inside one's pants.

Others thought the idea of leaving legs unbathed was disgusting and WRONG.

The question of washing one's legs in the shower was destroying healthy relationships.

People late to the argument wondered what brought humanity to this place of insanity.

Asking his question may be the greatest regret of Conor's life.

Now things have gone far beyond his control...

But only one Twitter user came up with the correct answer to Conor's question:

You do you.