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TikToker Reveals Why Walmart Self-Checkout Cameras Are '10 Times Worse' Than Other Security Cams

TikTok user @ashthetruth21 explained just how advanced those cameras truly are in a warning to viewers.

TikTok screenshots from @ashthetruth21

A woman on TikTok is warning customers about Walmart's self-checkout cameras, claiming that the machines take photos of customers and collect personal information.

In her now-viral video which has been viewed more than 2.9 million times, creator and former Walmart employee @ashthetruth21 explained how these self-check machines are harvesting more information than we know.

She shared in a stitched video:

"So you see those little machines right there? Oh, yeah."
"So I had made a video about the cameras that they have that can see into your phone. Well, those ones at the register, they're 10 times worse, my dude."
"So every time you scan something, it takes pictures of you and let me just tell you every time that you run your card through a Walmart scanner, they have a note of it."

WARNING: NSFW language


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AshtheTruth21 claimed:

"They can find you by your credit card. I don't recommend using credit cards if you're trying to do anything janky, my dude."

She advised customers to "use cash and cover your ID."

"Those cameras can read into your wallet and they do."

Viewers of the video chimed in.

Some joked that if Walmart has all that information, why is it so difficult to process returns?




Many also think it's pretty shady, naturally.




A few, however were a little confused.



AshtheTruth21 responded to their queries in a NSFW follow-up video clarifying that the machines don't scan through wallets x-ray style, but they are able to zoom in to capture contents of wallets through their cameras. So if you take out a credit card or ID, for example, the information would be exposed.

Well, it seems like we'll be standing in line for a cashier or using cash from now on.