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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8, Episode 11: Is Dwight the Next to Die?

The second half of The Walking Dead’s eighth season has proven to be a bloodbath so far. In the first episode, “Honor,” we lost Carl Grimes and conflicted Savior, Gavin. Following that, during “The Lost and the Plunderers,” Negan’s right-hand-man, Simon, unleashed his rage on the Junkyard people, leaving Jadis, the community’s leader, as the only survivor. With world’s continuing to collide tonight, viewers are sure to be wondering who they’ll be losing by the end of the season’s 11th episode, “Dead or Alive Or.”

In last week’s promo for the episode, Tara was seen pointing a gun at Dwight. The ex-Savior has been on the chopping block for a while after killing Denise in season six and both Tara and Daryl have expressed an interest in offing him. Lucky for Dwight, he had proven useful in orchestrating the start of All Out War. With the fight against Negan going awry, however, it may seem that Dwight’s potential for turning the tide of battle has significantly waned. So, will he be the next one to go during “Dead or Alive Or?”

According to the episode breakdown posted by NinjaPancake on The Spoiling Dead Fans forum, the weekly kill isn’t Dwight, though not for lack of Tara’s trying. The two are engaged in a deadly confrontation when a group of Saviors interrupts. Tara does get a shot off, but misses. Being The Walking Dead, there is a tragic weekly kill for viewers to watch out for.

One subplot this episode follows is that of Father Gabriel. We last saw the sickly priest in the Savior encampment, muttering about how he and Eugene have to get Dr. Carson to Hilltop to help Maggie and her unborn baby. NinjaPancake’s Q&A reveals that while Gabriel and Carson escape the Saviors, it’s not a happy ending for either of them. While running from their pursuers, Carson steps in a bear trap and slows them down, but not before the duo find antibiotics that may cure Gabriel’s infection. Carson is killed by the Saviors and Gabriel, who is shown to be losing his vision from his illness, is recaptured.

The spoiler-filled forum post also revealed that Enid learns of Carl’s death after Rick and company arrive at Hilltop and Eugene inspires Negan to “taint” the bullets he’s producing with walker blood.

The Walking Dead returns at 8 pm EST on AMC.

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