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Jon Voight Calls Election 'Our Greatest Fight Since Civil War' While Comparing Biden To Satan In Bonkers Video


Times are dire indeed for President Trump, who recently lost his re-election campaign to Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Despite every reputable source having calling the race for Biden, Trump continues to insist, falsely, that there is evidence of widespread "voter fraud" against him.

President Trump's refusal to concede, a first in American history, has caused many conservatives to follow his lead, claiming an election they didn't win must have been rigged in some way.

Of course, actor Jon Voight, a longtime supporter of President Trump, was one of the Republicans sowing doubt in democracy.

He released an unhinged video on Twitter, saying:

"This is now our greatest fight since the Civil War, the Battle of righteousness versus Satan. Yes, Satan."

President Trump retweeted Voight's message, further spreading his misinformation and lies.

Many called for Twitter to remove the video completely, instead of merely branding it with a "disputed claim" message.

According to Twitter, Voight comes off as completely unhinged in his address.

President Trump's team has been able to offer no evidence of any wrongdoing during the 2020 election.

Many fans of Voight's acting work were sad and disappointed by his continued detachment from reality.

Far from the truth, Voight is spreading dangerous falsehoods that could weaken the public's faith in democracy.

The one slim upside of Voight's video seems to be that most people aren't taking it very seriously, which is probably best for everyone involved.