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Video Of Police Violently Arresting Skateboarder For Running Red Light Sparks Outrage

Video Of Police Violently Arresting Skateboarder For Running Red Light Sparks Outrage

Anyone who has ever received a ticket for running a red light knows the whole process is kind of annoying. Run the red light, get pulled over, explain what happened, get a ticket...

Not so for this Canadian skateboarder who not only received a ticket for running a red light but who was then assaulted by Barrie police officers.

A video surfaced, taken by the skateboarder's sister, then shared by user garyonfire in the "Public Freakout" subReddit, depicting the 20-year-old man pinned to the ground, threatened, struck with a taser and having his head hit on the curb.

The Redditor explained:

"They smashed his head off the concrete, and at one point, the officer says, 'I'm gonna light you up' with a taser to his head and neck."

According to several witness reports, the skateboarder was seen on Dunlop Street East near Owen Street, running a red light on his skateboard. The police intercepted him shortly thereafter by swerving their police car right in front of him.

The skateboarder complied and received his traffic ticket, but the police allegedly continued the altercation.

It's unclear from the witness statements and videos online if the skateboarder said or did something to provoke the police after he received his ticket. But within minutes, he was on the ground, pinned by two officers, and physically assaulted.

One police officer could be heard threatening:

"I'm gonna light you up."

Several more videos surfaced on the "Public Freakout" subReddit depicting the altercation.

Since the videos went viral, viewers have been calling for justice against police brutality and specifically justice for this 20-year-old.

The Barrie Police Department responded, stating they were aware of the situation and would be opening an investigation to figure out what led to the alleged assault.

The Police Department stated:

"We will provide further comment once the details are confirmed."

The Mayor of Barrie, Jeff Lehman, also responded to the police department's tweet, stating he would not let this rest until the situation was sorted out.

Mayor Lehman stated:

"I've seen the videos of the violent arrest on Dunlop Street. This will be fully investigated. I won't be ignoring this, and once we have all the details, there will be full accountability."

Twitter users continued their call for justice.

It's unclear what led to the police altercation in these videos, but it is clear an altercation happened. Hopefully, the police department will be able to collect the information they need to fully account for this incident in Ontario.