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Video Editor Uncovers 31-Year-Old 'Simpsons' Joke Hidden Underneath Show's Audio–And It's Hilarious

Video Editor Ewzzy Rayburn explained that they used Adobe to uncover a previously unheard joke in the season three episode, 'The Otto Show.'

Screenshot of Marge and Homer Simpson

A random mystery was solved after a fan of the popular animated sitcom The Simpsonsuncovered an obscured joke buried under dialogue from a 31-year-old episode.

Professional video editor Ewzzy Rayburn shared a short clip of episode 22 from the show's third season that originally aired on April 23, 1992, called "The Otto Show," revealing what Marge actually told Homer in a scene that was sonically distorted on purpose.

The scene showed Marge lecturing Homer prior to him taking their kids, Bart and Lisa, to a Spinal Tap concert–but from his perspective.

The gag was that Homer couldn't hear what Marge was telling him due to the tinnitus ringing in his ears.

The show's creators previously mentioned the scene in a DVD commentary and informed fans they spent a long time working on Marge's line and that it was funny, even though they were cognizant beforehand that it was going to be inaudible to viewers.

Now, thanks to Rayburn's digital audio tech-savvy, he was able to uncover the mystery words uttered by Marge over three decades ago.

"We can remove the tones and boost her voice," he explained in the tweet's video.

Her words to Homer were:

"Well alright, but make sure they [Bart and Lisa] don't pick up any of the band's attitudes toward women, liquor, religion, politics... really anything.”

To which Homer lied and responded, "I hear you," before whisking Bart away and telling him, "C'mon boy."

You can see Rayburn's tweet, below.

So how did he do it?

In the comments, Rayburn said he used Adobe Audition, which provided visual information to help him isolate and adjust the different volumes of layered audio parts.

Fans thanked Rayburn after they were rightly impressed by his audio-isolating prowess.

Thank you for your service, Ewzzy.