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Vermont Town Puts Up Speed Signs Informing Drivers Whether They're Being 'Naughty' Or 'Nice'

Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images

While we still don't know which reindeer ran grandma over, Santa is cracking down on speeding drivers to ensure other civilians won't suffer a similar fate.

This holiday season, a Vermont Police department is working with the North Pole to ensure everyone is driving safely.

The Chester police installed a radar sign that looks like something Old Saint Nick devised, and well, you'd better watch out.

Drivers obeying the law see the speed illuminated in green, which indicates they are "Nice."

However, drivers breaking the speed limit see the sign in red, indicating they are "naughty."

The police department in Chester – which is roughly 90 miles from Burlington – posted a picture of the "Naughty" or "Nice" meter on their Facebook page and wrote the following tongue-in-cheek caption.

"We received a request direct from the North Pole to remind everyone that Santa is still making his list and checking it twice, and to make sure to have a safe and happy holiday season!"

Chester, VT Police Department/Facebook

You are on the "Naughty" list if you are caught speeding.

Chester, VT Police Department/Facebook

Santa has goodies for you on his sleigh if you made the cut, as indicated below.

Chester, VT Police Department/Facebook

Det. Adam Woodell of Chester police told CNN the department was inspired by the neighboring city of Manchester that had been "collaborating with Santa" for three years.

"A resident had seen the radar signs in Manchester and mentioned it to our town clerk."

While the sign elicited laughter, the Chester police means business when it comes to safety.

Chester, VT Police Department/Facebook

The naughty drivers called themselves out.

Chester, VT Police Department/Facebook

Chester, VT Police Department/Facebook

Chester, VT Police Department/Facebook

Chester, VT Police Department/Facebook

Others appreciated the department for getting into the holiday spirit.

Chester, VT Police Department/Facebook

Chester, VT Police Department/Facebook

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, going over the speed limit accounts for 70% of accidents, including fatalities.

But alcohol accounts for half of all traffic fatalities, especially during the holiday season when the number of vehicles on the road increase.

Robert Sinclair, a spokesman for AAA, told Forbes:

"More vehicles create greater conflict potential."
"And unfortunately, during holiday times, celebratory actions, people drink and get out on the road, and that leads to a problem, too."

Don't get caught on the "Naughty" list at any time of the year.

Buckle up, drive safely, and be a good driver, for goodness sake.

Because Santa is always watching, especially in Vermont.