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Two Rival Female Runners Are Going Viral For The *Cough* Phallic Shapes Of The Routes They Run 😳

@Dick_Run_Claire/Instagram, @VICE/Twitter

We're not ones to judge. As Marie Kondo says, if it sparks joy, then keep it!

So, it clearly sparks joy for both Claire Wyckoff and Claire Pisano to run phallic paths around major US cities, because they're doing it so often that they are actually fighting about who started it.

Claire Wyckoff tweeted that she'd had enough of Pisano stealing her routes:

Claire Pisano posts pictures of her runs on her Instagram, and you can see the thoroughness she puts into her phallic courses:

Claire Wyckoff also runs an Instagram in which she refers to herself as the OG.

The Claires are now embroiled in a war of phallic proportions.

"I work in a creative industry," Wyckoff said. "You don't steal another writer's joke ... when your ideas are currency, b*tch stole my money."

Pisano is nonplussed.

"She can be upset if she wants, but dick runs are just funny and I don't think we should take it too seriously," she says.

But they do differ in some places.

Wyckoff has made some pretty political messages with her paths:

But Pisano pretty much sticks with the theme.

Nevertheless, the feud remains.

Yeesh, somehow managed to throw a dig at Hamilton in there too.

Welcome to 2019, everybody, a year when people get into fights about running paths which resemble penises.

What will they think of next?