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PHOTOS: Twitter User Imagines 'Sex & the City' With Jeff Goldblum

PHOTOS: Twitter User Imagines 'Sex & the City' With Jeff Goldblum

The internet has boundless amounts of time to spend reimagining various bits of pop culture, but one Twitter user just came up with a low-key brilliant idea involving a reboot of the popular HBO series Sex and the City and everyone's favorite wacky actor, Jeff Goldblum.

Gennefer Gross, who pegs herself as a "writer of TV and film you haven't seen (yet)," got Twitter pretty excited when she tweeted: "A reboot of SEX AND THE CITY with Jeff Goldblum playing all four characters" with accompanying pictures of Goldblum channelling each of the four signature ladies:

Let's take a closer look at all four photos.

Here's leading lady and fashionista Carrie, as played by Goldblum:

Loads of shopping bags and a confident strut? Check.

Next, here's Samantha, the show's sultry vixen, as interpreted by Goldblum:

The look, the pose, the intention. It's all working in the right way.

But what about the shy and prudish Charlotte? Goldblum's got her down pat:

It seems pretty clear that Goldblum can channel any of these iconic roles.

But let's not forget the brainy and no-nonsense Miranda:

Yep, it's confirmed. Jeff Goldblum definitely has the skills necessary to pull this off.

But the actor is in pretty high demand at the moment, having recently appeared in several box office hits, including the monster smash hit Thor: Ragnarok, which saw a massive box office haul over the weekend.

And with the recent cancellation of a potential Sex and the City 3 film, people are looking to fill the void.

Hollywood may want to take note, because Twitter is all about the idea:

There's already a director in mind that could perfectly capture the essence of Jeff Goldblum, too:

And even if Hollywood isn't interested, it'll get made one way or another:

Just goes to show how an innovative idea can change hearts and minds:

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