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Twin Helps Out His Sick Brother On Picture Day By Posing As Him For The Yearbook 😂

Twin Helps Out His Sick Brother On Picture Day By Posing As Him For The Yearbook 😂

Having a twin sibling has built-in benefits with no shortage on antics. One such shenanigan that will always remain popular is being in two places simultaneously.

Future educator Marcus Williams capitalized on the advantage of being a twin when he was home in bed sick and missed out on his high school picture day. Fortunately, his twin brother Malcolm posed as both himself and as his ailing lookalike for their yearbook portrait that day and has presently become an epic throwback photo.

To show contrast between the two personalities, Malcolm gave his best impression of his brother with a laid-back expression and then represented himself by flashing his pearly whites.

This was a stealth operation.

Marcus's tweet of his brother parent-trapping his class went viral with over 52 thousand likes, but he's hoping to take the juxtaposed photos of Malcolm to the next level: getting on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

He launched a tagging campaign.

However, there's an unexpected twist.

Getting down to science.

Here's a closer look at these handsome young men.

Fellow twins reached out and gave props.

A proud mother has boys who could relate to the Williams brothers.

It's a familiar premise for movies, but how about for a reality TV show?

It's always good to have a backup plan. Have you ever been Punk'd by a twin?

Overall, Twitter was very amused by the exclusive trick employed by twins that never gets old.

H/T - Twitter