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Tweet About Times Tables Sparks An Intense Conversation About Math—And It's Brilliant 😂

Tweet About Times Tables Sparks An Intense Conversation About Math—And It's Brilliant 😂
Twitter: @garbagecoven

If you haven't given your times tables a moment's thought since you were in elementary school, then get thinking.

That's because times tables are the hot topic of discussion on Twitter right now – in particular, which simple line of multiplication is the best and why?

The conversation was started by Twitter user @garbagecoven, who gave the subject all the passion and associated filthy language you never knew it deserved.

With the can of worms well and truly opened, many responded with their own favorites.

@garbagecoven was floored, responding: "are you f***ing joking me, how are you in my BRAIN. it's like an ancient space labyrinth with a layout and meaning known only by a nonhuman race buried deep beneath the Egyptian dessert."

@garbagecoven agreed: "insanely solid."

@garbagecoven concurred: “god damn, you're so right. it's just right outside the gate to meet you once you've mastered the beginner's course."

@garbagecoven got the warm fuzzies, replying: "man oh man, 3 x 3 = 9 is so cozy. much love for your grandma."

@garbagecoven retorted: "8 x 8 = 64 feels so powerful that it truly COULD make you vomit."

Some veered away from square numbers.

@garbagecove mused: “i've got it: this combination just feels very *peaceful*. it's like mid-century modern furniture."

@garbagecoven proclaimed: "7 x 6 = 42 is literally a small and memorable magic trick."

@garbagecoven was swayed, replying: "this is beautiful."

The nines got a lot of love.

@garbagecove gushed: "that 9 row is where the magic is at baby. 9 row is for freaks (like, good freaks) honestly."

Of course, not all multiplications can get equal amounts of love.

@garbagecove hissed: "11 x 12 = 132 is inDEED a snake. you settle into 11 x 11 = 121 easily enough, and then 132 is there to rudely smack you down like 'not so fast'."

This person had an equal disgust for 11 x 12.

@garbagecoven lamented: "absolutely. that 3 has no business showing up here."

But not everyone felt such ire towards the 11s.

@garbagecoven had to give kudos to the thoughtful response: "thank you for your service <3."

Finally this guy taught us all a fundamental truth through simple mathematics.

@garbagecoven was blown away, responding: "this….. is honestly really beautiful. thank you for contributing this to the conversation."

We've all learned something here today. Good work, everyone.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.