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Someone Used An Iconic 'Mean Girls' Moment To Illustrate The Trump Tax Return Report, And It's So Fetch

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The New York Times recently dropped a bombshell report that contained never-before-seen information on President Trump's tax returns.

In it, the Times revealed President Trump paid nothing in federal income tax for many of the past 20 years and that he paid only $750 in 2016 and 2017.

After finding out the vast majority of struggling Americans pay more in income tax than the billionaire President of the United States, the internet went wild commenting on the controversy.

But perhaps the most apt comment on the entire issue came from Twitter user @darkinferni, who meme-ified the situation with a perfect scene from Mean Girls.

Twitter was amazed by how perfectly this moment encapsulated the insanity of the United States right now.

As always, nothing says more about the national state of affairs than a quality meme.

Mean Girls fans were especially glad to see Regina George make an appearance on the political scene.

For political Twitter, this was perhaps the ultimate crossover moment.

Given the circumstances, Americans had to laugh to keep themselves from crying.

Don't worry, everyone, if you haven't been keeping up with the news of the day, there's always a scene from Mean Girls to get you caught up!