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Pro-Trumper Boasts About Going To Jail 'For Our President' After Punching Neighbor Over Biden Sign

Pro-Trumper Boasts About Going To Jail 'For Our President' After Punching Neighbor Over Biden Sign
WESH 2 News/YouTube

Being violent is never something to be proud of, but one Trump supporter from Florida seemed proud that he would commit battery for the President.

According to WESH Florida, Tony Vullo from DeBary recently attacked his neighbor for putting up a Joe Biden yard sign in such a way that, he claimed, blocked the view of his Donald Trump yard sign.

'I went to jail for Mr. Trump': Fight over campaign signs leads to arrest in

According to Vullo, he tore out his neighbors Biden sign and threw it across the yard.

When the neighbor confronted him, the a conflict began that culminated in Vullo punching the Biden supporter.

A neighbor was watching the entire incident and called the Volusia County Sheriff's Office as soon as the fight escalated.

Sheriffs arrived shortly thereafter to charge Vullo with battery and arrest him.

On one hand, Vullo seemed proud of how far he would go for President Trump, saying:

"Yeah, I went to jail for Mr. Trump, for our president."

On the other hand, Vullo did say he was sorry for ripping his neighbor's Biden sign out of the ground.

"I think it was unfortunate and I was wrong to throw the sign. There's not going to be any problem with us."

Most people on Twitter thought that going to jail for any politician, let alone President Trump, seemed like a bad idea.

Any candidate who inspires violence should go out of their way to condemn it, but most people don't expect Donald Trump to do that any time soon.

In fact, Trump has offered to pay the legal debts for people who have committed similar crimes in the past.

It seems unlikely that President Trump would go to jail for anyone, let alone a random supporter.

Violence is never the answer, especially when it comes to disputes regarding law signs.