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Trump's All-Caps 'DO YOU MISS ME YET?' Gets A Brutal Response From People Everywhere

Trump's All-Caps 'DO YOU MISS ME YET?' Gets A Brutal Response From People Everywhere
James Devaney/GC Images

At this point, former Republican President Donald Trump has spent so much time screaming into the internet about his electoral loss that for a lot of us it's become little more than background noise.

But the former president'slatest tirade? Well this one is on a whole other level.

Via what most believe is the proxy account he uses to circumnavigate his Twitter suspension, Trump released a weird, delusional all-caps message to his followers that had practically the entire internet pointing and laughing.

See the message below, and prepare for the roasting.

Trump's message read:

"Tragic mess in Afghanistan, a completely open and broken Border, Crime at record levels, oil prices through the roof, inflation rising, and taken advantage of by the entire world—DO YOU MISS ME YET?"

This is delusional on several levels. Trump helped create the mess in Afghanistan by negotiating the deal that has allowed the Taliban to retake the country. Trump exacerbated the border crisis, crime began rising during his administration, and the inflation happening is partly due to his Administration mismanaging the economy by, you know, basically doing nothing about the pandemic for the first few months.

So, no offense but no! No we do not miss you, sir!

But that's not even the funniest part: Trump released this statement on August 13, the very day that his conspiracy-theory-addicted followers like MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell believed was the day the supposed fraud from the 2020 election would finally be exposed and Trump would be reinstated as President of the United States.

That, of course, didn't happen, just like all the other times the QAnon crowd said it would.

So while his followers were waiting for news about his restored presidency, their dear leader was instead all-capsing about ... whatever that statement is about.

As you might guess, the internet wasn't about to let any of this slide. Let the roasting begin!

As for Trump's supposed reinstatement, Lindell has now revised the date to September 30.