Trump Shares Bizarre Photoshopped Image Of Himself Awarding Military Dog The Medal Of Honor, Replacing Vietnam Vet

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images // @realDonaldTrump/Twitter

A canine who's named Conan was injured during the recent U.S. Forces raid that led to the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Well wishes poured in for the pooch, who has since fully recovered and returned to duty.

With the dog making national headlines, Trump declassified a photo of the pup, and now he's jokingly used the photo in a bizarre tweet.

The photoshopped tweet, originally from Conservative media outlet The Daily Wire, shows Trump placing a paw print-emblazoned Presidential Medal of Honor around the dog.

So if no ceremony occurred, where did the photo come from?

Vietnam veteran James McCloughan's Medal of Honor presentation was used. The Army veteran's face was superimposed with the dog.

Then shared by the President.

It's unclear if Trump ever shared the real photo of McCloughan receiving his medal from his personal Twitter account. A Twitter search failed to find a post by the President's personal account honoring James McCloughan.

advanced search results/Twitter

People found the slight offensive.

McCloughan, 73, had not seen the photoshopped photo until asked about it by a reporter.

The Vietnam veteran said military service dogs are very heroic and didn't mind being replaced if it was to honor the dog.

Trump later credited The Daily Wire and announced that Conan would soon be coming to the White House.

While the tweet of a faked photo and medal ceremony itself is rather innocuous by Trump's standards, people couldn't help but troll him for it.

Others pointed out Trump's disdain for dogs.

McCloughan is right, however.

Conan is an American hero.

Nothing done by anyone, even the Commander in Chief, should diminish the heroism of James McCloughan or Conan.

Dogs have been companions to warriors for millennia. They're also popular in cinema.

The fictional films Max and Max 2 about a retired military service dog are available here. And the film Megan Leavey based on the true story of a military service dog and their handler is available here.

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