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Trump Rants About Paper Straws Before Giving Shoutouts To Fast Food Restaurants In Bizarre Speech


At a campaign rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania President Donald Trump went on a strange rant including misinformation, fast food and an odd attack on biodegradable straws.

During the speech he stated:

"They want to ban straws. Has anybody ever tried those paper straws?"
"They are not working too good. Right?"

In reference to reusable straw use in action, Trump said:

"It's not bad, you whip it out, boom boom. You never had to do that."

Although Twitter wished for different phrasing.

Trump also included shout outs to fast food restaurants.

"I said, I have had a couple meals at McDonald's, etc, over the years."
"Wendy's. A friend of mine owns Wendy's, I will give it a plug. Right?"
"Burger King."

People on Twitter had a few things to say about the President and fast food…

For the last couple of weeks the President has been holding more rallies, despite pandemic safety guidance, in an attempt to solidify votes as the November election draws closer.

Other alternative facts included in the speech were:

"we're rounding the turn on the pandemic"
"your stocks are going up"

Twitter users noticed other discrepancies within the speech and questioned holding such rallies during the pandemic.

In general users on Twitter found the speech akin to an unfunny comedy routine.

Some people need straws to accommodate disabilities, but many of us can reduce our waste.

Even the President.