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Trump Dragged After Trying To Mock The Low Turnout At An Obama Speech That Never Even Happened

Alex Wong/Getty Images; Joe Raedle/Getty Images

As the pandemic continues to spread across the United States at a record pace, President Trump has continued to hold large, unmasked rallies in battleground states.

While the simple fact that these rallies are happening is incredibly irresponsible behavior for a President, the things he says at them go to the next level.

During his remarks in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, on October 26, President Trump mocked former President Obama for the small size of his speech earlier that day.

The only problem? President Obama had made no speech earlier that day.

For the umpteenth time, the internet was struck by how obsessed President Trump seems to be with the popularity of his predecessor.

The President has never been one to rise above a petty attack.

The things President Trump claims at his rallies will be one thing Americans could likely do without if he loses re-election next in November.

At this point, few people online were surprised by the President's obvious apathy for the facts.

At least in these dark times, the President gave us a healthy stream of unhinged moments to keep us entertained.

Next week, Americans will choose whether or not they want a President endlessly fixated on the achievements of his predecessor or one focused on the nation's future.