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Trump Angrily Tweeted 'LAW & ORDER!'—And 'SVU' Star Ice-T Responded Exactly How You'd Expect

Trump Angrily Tweeted 'LAW & ORDER!'—And 'SVU' Star Ice-T Responded Exactly How You'd Expect
BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images; Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

As waves of protest become increasingly bloody, with police forces shooting rubber bullets and tear gas canisters directly into protestors' and journalists' faces, often at point-blank range, President Trump has responded two ways: by explicitly calling for more violence, and by all-caps tweeting the name of America's longest-running scripted TV show, Law & Order.

One of the stars of the Law & Order franchise, outspoken actor and rapper Ice-T, was emphatically not having it.

The tweet came as part of a triptych of all caps tweets Sunday evening, the first two reading " STRENGTH!" and "FAKE NEWS!". But it was the third tweet, reading "LAW & ORDER!", that caught Ice-T's eye.

Ice-T is a star of the popular Law & Order spin-off Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and suffice to say he's not a fan of the President, or his Twitter feed, or his way with words. So he fired back.

Quote-tweeting the President, Ice-T kept his response simple and to-the-point.

But Ice-T wasn't even close to finished.

Ice-T has a long history of outspokenness and activism when it comes to police brutality and racism. His band Body Count's controversial 1992 song " Cop Killer," written and recorded in the wake of the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers, addressed the issue head-on and became forever associated with the riots that ensued in the wake of the officers' acquittal at trial.

So, unsurprisingly, Ice-T had a few more choice words for the POTUS.

And still more:

And just in case his stance wasn't completely clear, he let us all know:

Other folks on Twitter were right there with him, cheering him on.

While others took on the President directly—including one Ice-T's fellow Law & Order Mariska Hargitay.

But perhaps the best part is that Twitter, as it so often does, has turned this whole thing into a way to mock the President.

People are just all-caps tweeting random TV shows at him, over and over again.

Now if we can just get him to maybe watch one of these programs instead of Fox News...