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'People's Convoy' Truckers Rage After Getting Pelted With Eggs By Bay Area Teens In Viral Videos

Members of the self-proclaimed People's Convoy did not receive a warm welcome in Oakland, California.

The USA branch of the meager movement—which came after United States' conservative funded protests against pandemic public health protocols occurred in Canada—has been traveling around the country with little success, SF Gate reported.

Their efforts so far have been consistently thwarted by locals and authorities in the areas they travel to.

The Bay Area was no different.

As reported by Rolling Stone, the conservative group of disgruntled truck drivers were in town to hold a protest at the home of Democratic Assembly member Buffy Wicks over an abortion-related bill Wicks is supporting.

People's Convoy members dispersed from Wick's home once police arrived.

But as they tried to leave the area, the group drove by a Safeway supermarket where teenagers armed with eggs were waiting for them.

Twitter user @RonFilipkowski shared a clip of the moment when the kids started to pelt the trucks with raw eggs.

The person apparently recording the moment commented:

"Well it's cause there's a Safeway right there that sells eggs."

Another user called @VeniceDerek shared a video of the egging from a different angle.

People on Twitter admired the youths' actions.

The People's Convoy website boasts the tagline "Let Freedom Roll."

It posts the locations and times of their upcoming demonstrations.