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Ice-T's Son Hit With Backlash After Cutting Woman's Hair Without Her Consent During Livestream

Tracy Marrow Jr., the son of rapper and actor Ice-T, recently took a pair of scissors to Twitch streamer Malek_04's hair, leaving her and the whole room in shock.

Screenshots of Tracy Marrow Jr. (Ice-T's son) and Twitch user Malek_04 from her livestream

Actor and rapper Ice-T's son, Tracy Marrow Jr., is under fire after cutting off part of a popular influencer's hair during a livestream.

The incident took place at a house party hosted by Twitch streamer Malek_04 in Las Vegas during TwitchCon over the weekend.

In the footage that has been circulating online, a group of partygoers was seen in the background inside a kitchen socializing while the Twitch user was in the foreground commenting on the piece of orange she was eating.

Marrow Jr. appeared in the frame, grabbed some of Malek's curly brown tresses, and sniffed them while she was addressing her viewers.

She seemed completely unaware when Marrow Jr. proceeded to take a pair of scissors to her lock of hair and snip it off.

She backed away after being caught off guard and said in horror, "Wait, what the f**k?!"

Another person in the background was heard commenting:

"What the f**k, man?"

Marrow Jr., casually chuckling, showed the piece of hair in his hand and said:

"Yo, who wants it?"

A circulating headline on X (formerly Twitter) shared the video and indicated:

"Ice T's son cut Twitch streamers hair off without her consent."

Many viewers were not on board with his stunt.

And while the word "prank" was tossed around to describe the incident, some users were not so sure.

Other users had other words to describe the situation.

After facing backlash, the 31-year-old Hollywood scion shared his half-apology on X (formerly Twitter).

"I guess [I'm] a bad guy," he wrote, adding:

"Sorry @Malek04Official my intrusive thoughts won."

Malek also addressed the incident and confirmed that she was the woman in the video.

"10 million views in less than 24 hours is insane. Yes, this is me," she said, adding:

"I appreciate everyone who has been reaching out, I will address the situation live on my twitch..."

Some skeptical users didn't know what to think and remained confused after studying Malek's reaction.

Perhaps more will be revealed when Malek explains what happened in her upcoming livestream.

Ice-T is a songwriter and music producer working in the hip-hop and heavy metal genres.

He is also an actor who is famous for playing NYPD Detective/Sergeant Odafin Tutuola on the NBC procedural drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, for which he earned the distinction of becoming the longest-running male series actor in history, according to Deadline.

Marrow Jr. is the son of Ice-T and his former girlfriend Darlene Ortiz, whom the rapper met during filming for Breakin' in 1984.

Marrow Jr. can be heard as a backup vocalist on his father's heavy metal band Body Count for their seventh studio album Carnivore which was released in 2020.